What is Lens Flare and How Can You Avoid It?

Lens flare commonly occurs when shooting in the general direction bright light sources, whether they are a part of the image or not. The bright light creates internal reflections and scattering of light inside the lens, which results in artifacts or haze in the final image. A common scenario for producing lens flare is shooting into the sun.

In the above video, Karl Taylor shows us examples of lens flare and how to use a lens hood to avoid it. The lens hood serves the dual purpose of protecting the end of the lens in the field.

Canon 7D Mark II for $1199 – Deal Alert

Canon 7D Mark II

ebay (via GetItDigital) has the Canon 7D Mark II for $1199.99 (reg. $1799.99) in limited quantity. Check it out while it lasts here on ebay.

Note: This is labeled as a gray market item and, therefore, won’t include a US warranty card. At the time of this post, ebay seller GetItDigital has a positive feedback rating of 99.6% and offers its own 1-year warranty with the camera.

Polar Pro PowerPole Review

GoPro PowerPole Extension Battery Pole-500x500

Polar Pro makes some great accessories for GoPro cameras. Along with some drone accessories, that’s really all the company makes.

The company started making filters for GoPro cameras in 2011 and has expanded to offer a full line of GoPro accessories. Over the past year or two, Polar Pro has introduced several new products that add to the functionality of GoPro cameras, including a GoPro mic, an iPhone case with a GoPro mount and GoPro camera bags with built in power supplies.

The Polar Pro PowerPole is an extendable pole for capturing action sports and other activities with your GoPro. The main difference between it and other GoPro extension poles is that it contains a 5200mAh battery inside that can give your GoPro up to 10 hours record time. (This is Polar Pro’s number but I haven’t been able to kill a GoPro on all day outings.) [Read more…]