3DR IRIS+ Quadcopter Gets a $150 Price Drop


Now that 3DR’s Solo quadcopter is almost ready to ship, its predecessor, the IRIS+, is getting a price drop from $749 to $599.

Prior to the announcement of the 3DR Solo back at NAB this year, the 3DR IRIS+ was the enthusiast drone that went head-to-head with the DJI Phantom line of drones.

The IRIS+ has the ability to use a “Follow Me” feature when combined with a GPS-enabled Android device and the compatible Tarot-2D gimbal is a more reasonable $210 at retail.

As the drone market continues to pick up, expect to see more and more advanced drones available and lower and lower prices. You can find the 3DR IRIS+ here at B&H Photo.


Watch Thomas Heaton Pick His Shots in Iceland with a Midnight Sun

In this video, photographer Thomas Heaton travels around Iceland looking for just the right shot at a variety of locations. One of the unique aspects of Heaton’s video is that you feel like you are walking through the process with him as he tries to find just the right shot in just the right location.

You hear him say throughout the video that it’s worth the time to walk around and see what is there rather than just arrive and start shooting. Of course, the slow fading light in Iceland helps with that process too. As he points out, you might have 10 minutes to set up and get a sunset show in England (or the US) but Iceland gives you three hours of similar sunset light so you can wait for just the right moment.

Clocking in at over 16 minutes, it is longer than most YouTube tutorial videos; however, it is well shot and edited for those interested in the photographic process.

[via Reddit]

Need Some Pointers for Shooting Fireworks This Weekend?

Camera Settings for Shooting Fireworks

There are plenty of creative ways to shoot fireworks but if you’ve never got good shots before, I’ve got some good pointers to help you get it right this year. I wrote a post a couple years ago with some basic settings for shooting fireworks.

Check it out here: Camera Settings for Shooting Fireworks

Hope this helps you get some great shots this weekend during your Fourth of July celebration…

Fuji X-T1 Firmware Update ver. 4.0 Now Available

Fuji X-T1

The previously announced Fuji X-T1 firmware update version 4.0 is now available. The new firmware features an advanced autofocus system for shooting moving subjects with improved AF accuracy for still image and video capture.

Other additions include eye detection during AF, enhanced shutter speed dial operation, exposure compensation in manual mode and finer framing grid lines for enhanced visibility and image composition.

Specific firmware update notes are as follows: [Read more…]