10 Essential Accessories for New Photographers


Over the years, photographers find what works for them and build a camera bag full of essential accessories for the way they work and shoot. There are many different items that can find there way into photographers’ bags but some are more essential and universal than others.

Discovering these essential items early on can save new photographers some frustration along the way. So here are 10 essential accessories that will make your life easier. [Read more…]

Pro Camera Manufacturers Need to Get on the CFast Bandwagon

Lexar Pro CFast Memory Card

I was shooting some video using the Atomos Ninja Star yesterday, which uses CFast cards. When it came time to download my footage, I had 27GB of footage. It took 2 minutes to transfer to my Mac Pro using a USB 3.0 card reader.

I hate plugging in a CF or SD card to a card reader and look at 10+ minutes of transfer time remaining. CFast cards are still pretty pricey but there’s just not much demand because the more popular cameras don’t support them yet. Right now, they seem to be mostly limited to pro video cameras.

The pins on devices that use CF cards are the worst design possible and expensive to repair when bent ($275 in a Canon 7D if you’re wondering). CF cards are reaching their limits in terms of transfer speeds. SD cards are even passing them up with the new UHS-II bus and we’re seeing more and more cameras add UHS-II compatibility. I’d like to see CFast cards implemented in cameras that are on the level of the Canon 5D series and higher.

CF cards have served their purpose well but it’s time to move on.