Panasonic Lumix GH4 as a Video Camera Review via Zack Arias

Zack Arias posted this nice little perspective review on what factored into his choice of the Panasonic GH4 as his dedicated video camera. He talks about other choices from Canon, Sony and Blackmagic and why he stuck with Fuji for stills and has two completely separate systems. He goes into much greater detail on the reasons for choosing the GH4 system for video on his blog here at Dedpxl.

Canon 1D C Price Officially Drops by $4000

Canon 1D C

If you saw an earlier post on this, it was a little premature, but now the Canon 1D C can be legitimately purchased in the US for $7,999, which is down $4000 from its previous retail price of $11,999.

The camera launched for $13,000 in 2012 and briefly dipped below $10k early last year as part of a promo deal. At $7,999, the 1D C is one of the most affordable, pro 4K cameras – matching the price of the Sony FS7 full-fledged cinema camera.

You can find the Canon 1D C at its new “affordable” price here at B&H Photo.

Super Bowl XLIX is a #NoDroneZone

The FAA has a new hashtag: #NoDroneZone

It released this awkward YouTube video a couple days ago to help designate the Super Bowl XLIX as a No Drone Zone, encouraging fans to leave their drones behind. I actually had to triple check that this came from an official FAA account, but it appears to be legit.

No Drone Zone

Specifically, the FAA has issued a Temporary Flight Restriction for the area surrounding the University of Phoenix Stadium from 3:25p to 11:59p MST.

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