Sony HDR-AZ1 is a Miniaturized Action Cam

Sony HDR-AZ1 Action Cam

The Sony HDR-AZ1 is a new action cam that weighs just over 2 oz. and is 30% smaller than Sony’s other action cam models. In spite of its size, the new AZ1 sports some powerful features, including capturing HD 1080/60p video using Sony’s XAVC S codec at 50Mbps. 

The AZ1 also allows you to capture 720p 120 fps high frame rates for 5x slow motion, as well as 11.9MP still images. It features built-in WiFi for remote monitoring and control. It can also capture photos in interval mode for time lapse recording.


The AZ1 ships with a waterproof housing rated for depths up to 16′. The camera is available in two kits: one that ships with the live view remote watch for $349.99; and the other includes only the camera and housing, along with battery, cable and mount adapters for $249.99.