Canon 7D Mark II Specs Leaked?

Canon 7D Mark II Rumors

UPDATE: Canon 7D Mark II Officially Announced!

New rumors suggest that earlier indications of the Canon 7D Mark II specs were all wrong. However, the specs for the Canon 7D replacement that come along with the new rumors/leak may be a spot-on list of the real specs for the camera. Check them out below.

Canon 7D Mark II Rumored Specs

  • Kit lenses: 18-135 IS STM and 15-85 IS STM (This would be a new lens)
  • CF, UDMA mode 7 + SD, UHS-I
  • No GPS or WiFi
  • Fixed LCD, with no touch function.
  • 20.2MP “Fine Detail” CMOS Sensor (I want more information on this)
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Dual DIGIC 6 Processors
  • 65 AF points “All Cross-type”. Dual cross on the center point.
  • 10fps
  • ISO 100-12800, ISO Boost mode 25600 and 51200
  • 1080p/720p both get 60fps
  • Servo AF for video shooting.
  • Anti-flicker mode, eliminates flickers under flickering lights (e.g. fluorescent lamps).
  • Spot metering size 1.8%
  • Built-in flash with radio trigger function.
  • Mic and headphones connectors
  • Can sync time between 7D II cameras.
  • Lens electronic MF
  • About 100% coverage OVF

Additionally, the 7D Mark II is now rumored not to feature a EOS-1 style top plate as previously indicated.

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  1. Oberoth says

    I know things have slowed down a huge amount in recent years in the world of photography hardware specs, ie if you have a camera that is 1 or 2 generations old there is very little ‘need’ to run out and upgrade to the latest model.

    Nikon is doing its best with tripling the pixel count from D700 to D800, Sony are trying hard with mirrorless and SLT tech but imo Canon are resting too much on their laurels and not keeping up with the competition by bringing new technologies to the market or simple not bring meaningful upgrades worth buying.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Canon fan, I’ve owned a 7D since release but reading the rumoured 7D ii specs there’s barely a reason to upgrade, we are talking about a camera that is 5 years in the making! At best you would describe it as a small evolutionary step forward, but if you have a 5 year old camera and the replacement doesn’t seem like its going to be worth upgrading to then something is very wrong.

    • Jim says

      I agree. Specs upgrades these days are much more focused on video. Its a shame the big companies won’t offer upgrades targeted to the still photographer anymore. There’s an automatic assumption that consumers, both pro and mid-level want the latest and best in video. I definitely like to have video as an option now and then but would much prefer a company like Canon come up with a 7D Mark IIv and a 7D Mark IIs… “v” for a version that emphasizes advanced video specs and “s” for advanced stills features. I remember not all that many years ago the consumer had a choice to buy a video camera if they chose…. it was called a camcorder or a still photo camera… it was called an DSLR. Nowadays the newest model has a price tag that is often heavily influenced by video improvements. Oh how i would love the extra $500-1000 go directly into still photo improvements. I have a 6D and a 7D which is more than enough for my video needs. I anticipate having these two a long time before having to upgrade because the still photo specs just don’t get much better in new models anymore. As for the 7D II, one has to wonder, with all these delays (it was supposed to come out a year ag0)… will it ever be released?… Oh well… doesn’t matter… because I just don’t care about the video.

  2. Brian says

    Couldn’t agree more. These specs aren’t really even something that’s making me jump from a 7D or even a 70D… Really was hoping for a 4K video option to compete with the GH4 but that’s not looking like its happening – the original tons of video feature rumors aren’t featured anymore. The 1080/60p is the ONLY step up from a 70D for video use so far.

    I also agree that they need to push it on this release. Their touchscreen tech is fantastic and to not see this incorporated is curious at best. I also have started to love the flip screen feature. If you don’t like it, leave it alone, but why not include!?

    Hoping these aren’t legit… at this point, more excited to see if the new pancake rumors turn out to be true, or if another lens is released. Maybe I will be waiting for an 80D or a 5Dm4 to really UPGRADE my DSLR?

    • Oberoth says

      I am only basing this on paper specs that could still be way off what actually gets released and may all come together to make something truly special… But, if we are to assume the above specs are correct surely no one can be truly excited that in 5 years this is all Canon has managed to produce, increase the sensor resolution from 18mp to 20mp when so many other crop sensors have been hitting 24mp for a long time. Same goes for video, yes dual pixel AF will improve focusing no end but its the same resolution as 5 years ago. Imagine this camera is still the 7D series flagship in 5 years time, 2019 and no 4k video?!!

      No touch screen will hamper using the dual pixel AF to its full potential. Other little things too like no WiFi is disappointing, i’ve heard no GPS but mixed reports on this just now.

      I’m also not understanding the excitement about 10fps either as Sony is already doing 12fps and that is at 24.3mp to boot, which means 45% more pixels per second than the yet to be released 7D replacement!

      I know there’s a lot more to image quality than resolution but in 5 years i would have thought Canon would have managed to make significant leaps forward in all departments.

  3. Frank says

    If those are the real final specs all I have to say is that they are ridiculous and I’m sorry for Canon. They won’t see me upgrading mine.

    I would expect at least a good share of the following being address:

    – Much improved sensor
    – Much improved ISO range and noise levels
    – 2K RAW video (dng)
    – 4K Video
    – Built-in GPS
    – Superior AF

    Without those justifying upgrading mine over to a newer model becomes near to impossible.

  4. Hobbytog says

    Having owned 5 Canon cameras over the past 6 year each with video capabilities I can say that I’ve never shot one frame of video. I’m a member of a small camera club of about 30 members of which half are Canon guys and I know that the majority of these do not shoot video either.. Here’s a thought why not produce a DSLR with no video, give it all the bells and whistles for still photography and hopefully sell it cheaper!

    • says

      Like Nikon did with the Df?

      . . . oh, wait.

      I don’t see Canon or Nikon making a specialty “stills” camera at a discount price anytime soon. If they can find a way to market it as something special because it only shoots stills, they will. And, they’ll jack up the price.