Manfrotto Introduces New Pro Light Photo and Video Bag Collection

Manfrotto Camera Bags NAB 2014-11

Manfrotto showed off its new Pro Light line of photo and video bags at NAB 2014. Now, the new bags are finally becoming available in the US.

The new bags include holsters, photo backpacks, video backpacks, rolling organizers, video cases, and accessories such as element covers and camera straps.

Manfrotto Camera Bags NAB 2014-9

The core of the new bag line are largely rebadged Kata bags, as I explained in my first look at these bags from NAB 2014.

That’s not to knock the bags by any means. Kata bags were highly regarded; however, the Kata brand has now been killed off by the Vitec Group and the Manfrotto brand is reaping the spoils. You can read my previous post for a breakdown if you want to know more about the branding switch.

You can find the new Manfrotto Pro-Light line of bags here at B&H Photo.