Elinchrom Unveils New ELC PRO HD Compact Flash Heads

Elinchrom ELC PRO HD Compact Flash Head

Elinchrom has announced two new ELC PRO HD compact flash heads available as 500Ws or 1000Ws models.

They feature three new shooting modes:

  • Sequence Mode – Allows users to sequentially trigger up to 20 ELC’s, in bursts or as a continuous cycle, to utilize the high frame rate of their camera
  • Delayed Mode – Provides the option of first or second curtain sync and everything in-between, plus predictive synchronization within a short sequence
  • Strobo Mode – Enables users to take a picture with stroboscopic effects within a single frame

The new ELC models use an OLED screen that displays settings and uses a jog wheel to navigate the new menu system.

The ELC PRO HD 500 and ELC PRO HD 1000 are available for $1,166.69 and $1,611.19, respectively. These units are available individually and are also paired in To Go Kits. Check them out here at B&H Photo.