1. Oberoth says

    Do you honestly feel that a $2 saving warrants an entire post?

    I know you have to make money but you’ll start to lose readers.

    • says

      Yeah. I actually thought about not posting it. But Transcend makes a good memory card and it’s $15 for a 32GB memory card!

      I remember buying my a SanDisk 1GB CF card for $99 with my Rebel XT back in 2005. And then there was as massive 128MB memory stick I bought for my 3.2MP Sony CyberShot P8 (my first digital camera) back in 2003 that I bought for $75. The continually falling prices of memory cards always make me think about what prices used to be…

      I thought that was sufficient enough to warrant passing the deal along and letting readers decide for themselves whether they needed another SD card for $15. I also wanted to put the original price in the post so readers can make an informed judgment on the deal because it wasn’t a massive savings over the already-solid regular price.

      Thanks for the feedback. I was just erring on the side of passing what I though was a good deal along.