The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes – New Book

The Digital Photography Book - Part 5 Photo Recipes

The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes is a new book from Scott Kelby, which picks up where book 4 left off and delivers an entire book based on “photo recipes.”

Scott breaks each spread into four segments: (1) he explains exactly what you’re seeing behind the scenes, (2) he lists all of his camera settings, and lens and lighting info—it’s all there, (3) he gives you his thought process, so you learn exactly why he does it this way, and (4) he shares all the post-processing in Lightroom or Photoshop that goes on after the shoot.

The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes retails for $24.99; however, it is currently available for $17.66 on

It is also available for $16.78 as a Kindle ebook.



  1. Bipin B. Gupta says

    With all the resources available online and so many photo forums + meetups on photo walks with other photographers why does one need to pay for another book on photography??
    I have loads of books on Photography some of which are actual Projects that show you how with sketches, sample photos and examples – excellent work books – all lying with dust on them – must have spent $$$$$ on them.
    Sorry for my down to earth comment.

    • says

      I agree there are great resources available online. There are plenty of folks who still like a good book over digging for info online.

      Books provide a structure that is sometimes hard to find online. Some users are not as adept at using the Internet as others. And then, there are times when a book is simply more convenient to sit and read.

  2. Tess says

    Thanks to Mr. Kelby for continuing to further our education – I love your writing style, and it doesn’t matter how many books are out there, I do enjoy reading your books. i hope to get this book soon!