Nikon Capture NX-D Ver. 1 Released

Nikon NX-D

After several months of beta versions being available, Nikon has released a final version of Capture NX-D with support for RAW files from Nikon cameras, including the new D810.

The new version of Capture NX-D is a totally new version and does not rely on the underlying code of previous versions of Capture NX. As such, it no longer offers the Control Point adjustments that were prominent in older versions of Capture NX. Instead, it appears that Capture NX-D is a custom version of Silkypix.

Capture NX-D is available as a free download here on Nikon’s website.



  1. Vicki says

    As a hobby photographer, I’m always looking out for free or affordable programs to edit my photos in a professional manner … I’ll have to give this program a try!

  2. says

    Capture NX-D is not nearly as versatile as NX2 but it is free, not $200. I have been using it for a few days just to get a feel for it, and obviously I prefer NX2. But NX-D is definitely preferable to ViewNX for image enhancement and RAW file conversion.

    NX-D is certainly competitive with the software other camera manufacturers provide free of charge BUT I really hope Nikon will continue supporting Capture NX2 re: updates for the RAW formats of new cameras. I doubt they will forever but hopefully for a year or two.

  3. George Carey says

    I have been a Nikon buff since Moby Dick was a guppy. I have `at least 40 K images refined with NX2. and many, monay hours in learning the technology. The fact that these images cannot be maintained or further stored in the raw version is unbelievable. I know there is LightRoom 5 and these images can be stored as tiff files, but I never thought Nikon would abandon NX2. Further I am extremely disappointed that there apparently will not be a Nikon D400. I have enjoyed to the utmost the DX format and have absolutely worn out two 18-200 mm lenses.. One lens that does 95% of everything you want. Add a micro and you get another several %. What more could an amateur want?
    I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in Nikon.