Metabones 4th-Gen Canon EF Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera Adapter

Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera Adapter Mark IV

Metabones has announced a 4th-gen Canon EF lens to Sony E-Mount camera adapter with improved performance and internal structure. If you are looking for more lenses for your Sony A7, A7R or A7S, this is one way to expand your options.

Key features of the 4th-gen adapter are as follows:

  • Adapts Canon EF Lens To Sony NEX Camera
  • Improved Internal Structure
  • Retains Electronic Communication
  • AE, AF, EXIF & Stabilization Supported
  • Powered by Camera Body
  • Open Aperture Button for Manual Focus
  • Detachable Tripod Foot
  • Green and Advanced Function Modes
  • Compatible with Fully Manual Lenses
  • Compatible with Sony E-Mount Full Frame Cameras

The new adapter is currently available for pre-order here at B&H Photo for $399. It is expected to ship later this month on July 29.



  1. Dan says

    I want Canon EF to 4/3 mount. With the GH4 now out, Metabones better get on this quick!!!!

  2. brian says

    This isn’t the announcement from Metabones everyone was hoping for, but it is good to see them always improving their adapters. They used to allow trade-ins and upgrades from previous generations as well via their website, so people may want to look into those options if the new feature list is of interest.

    I’m hopeful that Sony will update their FS100 and FS700 lines to better work with 4K. Yes, there are ways with the FS700, but it’s a headache at best. Those cameras work well with the Metabones adapters currently and 4K with a new version camera could be a much better package than the ISO/ASA limited GH4. Corporate video shooters and those that work with a lot of natural light would appreciate a more responsive Sony offering, and likely would pay the slight premium for it.

    Canon on the other hand… wow. Love their lenses, but lately Sigma is giving them a run and their video bodies are priced way too high for many users. The 5DMk3 is showing its age, unless you’re shooting RAW with it… many are using the 70D or C100 instead.