Export Your Aperture Library to Lightroom

Aperture 3

Now that Apple is killing off Aperture, many users are choosing to move to Lightroom. But what to do with those thousands of images in your Aperture library?

Aperture Exporter is a new plugin that is currently in beta and delivers what is probably the simplest export process thus far.

The primary goal of Aperture Exporter is to retain your file organization structure and metadata when you move over to Lightroom. Because the processing adjustments cannot be matched with adjustments in Lightroom, the plug-in will render out a TIFF or JPEG file with baked in processing for files that have image adjustments applied. The original images with XMP sidecar files will be saved out as well.

Aperture Exporter Key Features

  • Export your Aperture library to a set of folders
  • Retain meticulously crafted project hierarchies.
  • Keep all your metadata including ratings and comments.
  • Original/Master images saved with XMP sidecar files for ultimate compatibility.
  • Aperture adjusted images saved as TIFF or JPEG depending on image rating. Adjustments are baked-in the image.
  • Exports images contained in your albums and smart albums.
  • Converts Aperture flags and colour labels to keywords.
  • Your Aperture libraries are unaltered and unaffected.

Aperture Exporter is currently available as a free beta program here on ApertureExporter.com.



  1. says

    I prefer to wait and see which features are available in Apple’s Photos; Lightroom modules can’t hold a candle to the seamlessness of Aperture editing, so I’ll stick with my Aperture programs and if I need more advanced editing, use Photoshop. I’d hesitate to use any plug in that would “bake in” my edits.