1. brian says

    Have to think that these aren’t selling well these days with the buzz surrounding 4K acquisition… it’s a great camera, and I believe (in the right hands) it can be better than a 5DMk3. Doesn’t shoot RAW, but the NEX adapters do offer HUGE amounts of flexibility – even more so than M4/3.

    I was going to purchase one of these a few months back, but I simply would not have used it enough for shooting over my current gear and couldn’t justify the price tag. Will think about it again, however likely will pass. My next camera will likely be 4K capable, even if just for better 720 and/or 1080 final output purposes.

    Would pick this up over a used one for sure… and now the used market should drop in price dramatically as well, I would think. Likely best to just hold onto them if anyone has one – it’s a great “B-cam” even when paired with an FS700.