1. Eduardo Rojas says

    not only at B&H is available, also on amazon and even on the blackmagic web site is at the same price

  2. brian says

    I’ll be honest, I really thought about it at that price. BUT for me, I would need adapters to utilize existing lens setups to even make it worth the minor investment. The problem is that the camera alone isn’t enough to really get the job done… you likely need a cage, storage, lenses… if you already have most of that and shoot 4/3 already, then it’s much more worth it.

    If Metabones EF/EF-S adapter was cheaper, than this would be a great purchase…

    • says

      Agreed. The lens selection issue is the thing keeping me from pulling the trigger. Although, there are some enticing options from Rokinon/Samyang that are keeping my wheels turning. I think the deal will be here through August at least, so I’ve still got some time to chew on it.