Sony A7S Now Shipping; Plus, a Big Trade-in Deal

Sony A7S

B&H has the Sony A7S in stock and shipping. Additionally, B&H is offering a 15% credit on any Sony A7-series camera or kit when you trade in any working DSLR or mirrorless camera.

That’s an instant $375 off the Sony A7S in addition to the value of whatever camera you trade in. You can also stack the 15% credit savings with select lenses and the battery grip. Check it out here at B&H Photo.



  1. Tim says

    By the way, I just talked with B&H’s customer service department, and they said that this deal will work retroactively for those who pre-ordered the camera, like I did. :)

  2. Dan says

    I’m on the fence with this camera…lenses are the biggest issue. Love the camera (used the A7 for a while and I shoot a ton of video) but the limited lens selection is a big deal. Even worse is that the lenses that Sony does offer are very expensive with $1200 for an f4 zoom. They have nothing 2.8 without using an adapter ($350) and adding a bunch of bulk to a small camera defeating much of the purpose of this vs a DSLR. I also wish there was a better option for 4k video other than a $2000 recorder due out this fall. I’d take less recording time or greater compression to be able to do it in camera with the full abilities when the recorder is out. Either that or a cheaper recorder. It seems like a great concept with poor execution. I’m looking to replace my Canon DSLRs and have come close several times but I’m not there yet.