Grotesquely-Overpriced Hasselblad HV Now In Stock


If you plan on purchasing the nonsensical Hasselblad HV kit, then wait no longer. B&H has the Hasselblad HV in stock with the 24-70mm f/2.8 lens for $11,995. You get free expedited shipping though. Just head on over here to B&H.

Or, you can pick up the same camera with a Sony badge for under $2700.



  1. Chris Porzio says

    Hello All;

    Unfortunately, Hasselblad is trading on their name. At a $12,000 price point for the Hasselblad HV , I see few sales and Hasselblad quickly going out of business. WHY? Hasselblad does not do their own R+D in digital photography, they rely on Sony for their sensors and now they are using Sony Zeiss 24-70 f2.8 Alpha mount lens on their current offering. I own the Sony A7R and Nex 7 along with the 24-70 Zeiss Vario Sonnar T ZA lens and others..

    If I were Hasselblad’s CEO and President, I would fire the Vice President of Marketing. This fool is going to put Hasselblad out of business pronto. I would love to see their annual report and quarterly sales report for the past 24 months.

    Perhaps Hasselblad is looking for Sony for a buy out.


    YES!, BUT it IS a “HASSELBLAD” That’s akin to saying, YES!, BUT it’s a LEICA! Would I get THAT much more results w/ a LEICA “M” than I do with my CANON 5D Mk II or 7D?, OR even some older CANON or NIKON digital bodies? I seriously doubt it. It’s all in the name recognition, nothing more. No different than buying a Mercedes Benz vehicle vs. ANY popular American or Japanese vehicle. I certainly see a heck of a lot more older American & Japanses vehicles on the highways than I do the M-Bs or BMWs, or even the VW’s. I believe that these are cases of super-effective advertising indoctrination……

  3. Eon says

    Well Well Well, just like some old established car makers they are living in there past glory. Vision is lacking here. Excuse the pun.

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