1. George W. says

    Tamron 28-300mm PZD vs Canon 28-300mm L and Canon 24-105mm L

    Based on the Canon 28-300mm L MTF Chart (Thick Black = Contrast, Thin Black = resolution/sharpness):

    as well as Canon 24-105mm L MTF Chart (Thick Black = Contrast, Thin Black = resolution/sharpness):

    and compare them with Tamron 28-300mm PZED MTF chart (Thick Red = Contrast, Thin orange = resolution/sharpness):

    The new Tamron 28-300mm PZD at 28mm does have higher contrast and resolution/sharpness than the Canon 28-300mm L lens from the center to the middle of the lens and then drop below Canon 28-300mm L in the corner of the lens; however, the good news is that at 300mm Tamron is better in contrast and resolution/sharpness throughout entire lens over the Canon L. When compared with the 24-105mm L, they both have their little strengths and weakness which evens them out in the end.

    So, this is what I see:

    – Half of the price of a Canon 28-300mm L lens
    – Similar price of a 24-105mm L
    – 6 yeas Tamron vs. 1 year Canon L warranty
    – Moisture-resistant construction
    – Quiet focus system
    – Weight 1.19 lb vs. 3.7 lb (and still weight less then 24-105mm L)
    – Length of 3.8 in vs. 27.6 in (and still smaller and shorter then 24-105mm L)
    – Minimum focus distance of 0.49m vs. 0.7m between the two 28-300mm lenses (0.45m on 24-105mm L)

    I would think this lens would fit not only easier in a camera bag without carrying too many additional lenses but also it will be easier in my wallet as well! There are no perfect lenses; however, the Tamron 28-300mm’s performance would easily replace the 24-105mm L he Canon 28-300mm L while saving over $2,500 which will allow me to buy a few very nice lenses such as both Sigma 35mm AND 50mm f/1.4 ART!

    I am, and hopefully, all photographers are not foolish brand name snobs that can not see beyond the label of the product they are buying. I have never ask the builder of my house the brand name of the hammer they use to build my house (have you?!) as long as they have the skill to do the job right and hopefully, real photographers will also think in the same way when choosing their tools.