Apple Releases Lower-Cost 21.5″ iMac for $1099

21.5-inch iMac Entry-Level 2014

Apple has added a new iMac to its line-up with a low-end $1099 model (the previous low-end model was $1299 – and still available).

As expected, the new model also features lower-end components with a 1.4Ghz Intel i5 dual-core processor (as opposed to a 2.7Ghz Intel i5 quad-core process0r). Additionally, the hard drive on the $1099 model is limited to a 500GB hard drive (instead of 1TB) and it features integrated HD 5000 graphics instead of the more powerful Iris Pro graphics on the $1299 model.

While upgrades to this system are possible to configure, it probably makes more sense to start at a higher tier of iMac units than push the upgradeability of this unit. This unit seems to serve as a bare bones entry-level model for those who aren’t going to push the processor power. In other words, heavy Lightroom and Photoshop users should look for higher spec’ed models.

The new $1099 iMac can be found here at B&H Photo.