A Closer Look at Photoshop CC’s New Features

Photoshop CC

Adobe has posted several tutorial videos showing off some of the biggest new features in the latest update to Photoshop CC. Check them out below.

First up is Focus Masks for making selections, which we previously saw teased.

Adobe has also enhanced the type tools with instant previews on the mouse over of new fonts in the image area.

Layer comps have been improved, which allows attributes to be updated more easily and can be synchronized across multiple layer comps.

The Content-Aware technology gets a quality and speed boost.

There is a new filter brush in Camera Raw 8.5 that you can use with graduated and radial filters in order to fine tune the effects. Hopefully, this will come to Lightroom soon as well.

Photoshop CC now lets you add a new Path Blur with some powerful control over the direction, speed, taper and shape of motion paths.

There is also a new Spin Blur filter that lets you create more realistic spin effects in photos.

Smart Objects are given even more power and capabilities.

This last video shows off “hidden gems” in the new Photoshop CC update.