Sony A7s Scores Top Marks for Low Light Capability

Sony A7S

There’s a new low light king in town – the Sony A7s.

DxO Labs recently put the A7s through its DxO Mark test and delivered numbers for the Sony A7s sensor’s performance, which earned it the top spot among all cameras for the best low light performance with a score of 3702 ISO.

DxO Mark Scores Sony A7s

The previous low light champ was the Nikon Df, which was outright trounced by the A7s in this category. However, other scores didn’t fare quite as well compared to other top-scoring cameras, which is probably attributable to the relatively lower resolution of the image sensor in the A7s.

The entire review points out some interesting tidbits about the A7s. You can read it all here on DxO Mark.