Canon 7D Shortages Stir Rumors of 7D Mark II Impending Release

Canon 7D Mark II Rumors

The rumors that a replacement for the Canon 7D is around the corner continue to grow. Most recently, there have been a couple of developments.

First, rumors point to several Canon Pro dealer events in Germany scheduled for July, which are said to covering camera announcements for August.

Additionally, reports suggest that the original Canon 7D is difficult to obtain in some places in Europe and there are more suggestions of an August 18 announcement for the 7D’s replacement, which we’ll continue to refer to as the Canon 7D Mark II until we hear otherwise.

Along with the 7D Mark II, rumors and speculation of a couple new lenses to be announced alongside the camera include a new STM-based kit lens and a Canon L-series zoom lens, possibly an EF 100-400mm L replacement. (See prior rumors about that.)

That we are hearing more about a Nikon D300s replacement as well adds further credence to the Canon 7D Mark II rumors since the cameras are expected to launch alongside each other as direct competitors.

[via Northlight and CR]



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    This replacement will be extremely important to Canon users. It will show us if Canon is willing at all to keep up with newest development of DSLRs. If video is not any better compared to EOS 70D, at least many video oriented users will say goodbye to Canon.