Instagram Releases Version 6.0 with New Photo Editing Tools

Instagram 6

Instagram 6.0 is now available for both iOS and Android devices. The new version brings a dandy set of new photo editing tools to the image processing menu of the app.

The new editing tools, accessible by tapping the wrench icon in the image editing pane, allow you to use a slider to make positive and negative adjustments for the following:

  • straighten
  • brightness
  • contrast
  • warmth
  • saturation
  • highlights
  • shadows
  • vignette
  • tilt shift
  • sharpen

You can also adjust the lux intensity with a slider from 0-100 instead of the single on/off lux button that was previously in place.

With these new additions, Instagram has made some great steps toward being a more full featured photo editing app. While there is nothing truly innovative in these new updates, these are still welcomed additions (and for photographers particularly) to a very popular app.