Panasonic LX8 Compact Camera with Big Sensor Coming Soon?

Panasonic LX7

Panasonic LX7

New rumors point to a Panasonic Lumix LX8 compact camera that will directly compete with the Sony RX100 line.

The LX8 will serve as a replacement for the popular Panasonic LX7 and will feature a larger sensor akin to the 1-inch class sensors found in Sony’s compact RX100 line of cameras. The rumored announcement date is July 16, 2014.

Sony RX100 III

Sony RX100 III

Lately, Sony has dominated the compact camera market in terms of overall quality and performance. If this rumor turns out to be true, it will be nice to finally see another manufacturer go toe to toe with Sony.

[via 43rumors]



  1. Jared says

    It has a hotshoe, and the Sony does not. I would take this one over the Sony in a ‘flash’.

  2. Joe Prete says

    That is an image of the current model, the LX7, and if Panasonic gives it a larger Sensor/Lens, and adds a Viewfinder in the body, it may not even resemble the LX7, it won’t be nearly as compact as it is now, and the price will double, at the very least. The LX7 is a fine camera, just the way it is, and it has the fastest lens in it’s class. If they intend to compete with the RX100, my guess is that the camera will also resemble the RX100

  3. AJ says

    I have just got the LX7 and i am very pleased with it but if the LX8 has a bigger sensor and an articulated screen i would consider upgrading, depending on price of course.

    • Joe Prete says

      What’s your hurry? The LX7 (and the FZ200) have proved themselves for almost two years. I think having a camera with a good track record, is more important than having the newest model. Right?
      I’m sure they will try to get some of Sony’s customers, and it probably won’t take three models to get it right either, (the Rx100 and Rx100 II, both have variable apertures of f1.8-4.9 The RX100 III has f1.8-2.8)
      So if Sony gets there by their second edition, there’s still plenty of “Wait & See” time. Also, having some competition will be good for both brand’s prices (Good for us!).

      In the meantime, maybe the LX7’s prices will come down too. So far we’ve heard about the compact model, but they must have something ready to replace the FZ200 also. I doubt that it will stay in the current line up over two years. If I remember right, they both came out in July of 2012 maybe even on the same day. They’ve still got like 45 days of rumors to listen to…. They must be so amused! JP

  4. says

    Hopefully they’ll use the 4k sensor of FZ1000. Such a small UHD camara tend to be a real big step forward in my eyes. Can’t wait to see the first footage..