Fuji Medium Format Digital Camera Coming Soon?

Fuji GF670

Recent rumors suggest that Fuji will introduce a medium format digital camera this summer – just in time for Photokina 2014.

The camera is rumored to look like the Fuji X-Pro1; however, it will obviously be larger, like the Fuji GF670 6×7¬†format film camera pictured above. Additionally, it is rumored to feature the same Sony CMOS sensor found in the Pentax 645z and the Hasselblad H5D-50c.

[via Fuji Rumors]



  1. Jack says

    So it will be exactly like my gf670 – only with a smaller sensor, and for an extra ten thousand dollars.


  2. says

    Not sure this would be so great – if they were to put an X-Trans sensor (like the one in the X-Pro 1, X-T1, et al) that might make it interesting.