Megapixel War 2.0: Leica M Sensor Maker Says Sensors with 100’s of Megapixels Coming Soon

Leica M 100MP

The 24MP full frame Leica M sensor is made in Grenoble, France by STMicro, which recently updated its website with the claim that it would soon offer CMOS image sensors “with 100’s of millions of pixels.”

How much is enough though? We know that Canon has much larger sensor samples in the works than what it has released on the market and we’ve heard solid rumors of Canon field-testing a 75MP+ camera since last year. However, 20-ish megapixels seem to suit most photographers quite well. For those hungry for much higher resolutions, we have plenty of medium format options in the 40MP+ range to consider.

Then there is the storage demand. Laptops are cringing at the thought of even larger photo files being stored on built-in storage – especially as we make the transition from spinning drives to much smaller capacity SSD drives.

Are we about to see Megapixel War 2.0?

If the next Leica M featured a 100MP+ sensor, would that make it more or less attractive? What would the price tag be on that thing!?

If anyone has additional insight on camera manufacturers prepping these high-MP cameras, please feel free to reach out via the contact form.

[STM via Image Sensors World]



  1. Hasi says

    I’d buy it in a heartbeat, then I’d be the coolest guy around and could snicker at all the boobs who fell for the M240 ruse.

  2. Nick says

    It would be very demanding for the lenses (even for Leica lenses).
    If we look to the story of Sony system, they only have few lenses on par with their highest megapixel sensors. Most of their lenses do not match their excellent sensors.
    A reasonable megapixel count + dynamic range + low light capabilities + color depth + color accuracy would be the formula for success.

  3. Manfred says

    Of cause there is a need for more pixels. Not for daily life and your photoalbum with shots of your family but e.g. for big prints of landscapes hanging in my living room (or other rooms as well) requiring 40 x 60cm, 80cm x 60 cm or maybe 110 x 60 cm (16×9) in the near future. Or for multimedia shows for big screens where you want to zoom into the details like trees, buildings etc.
    A MF-camera is no option not only because of lacking money but also to poor choice of lenses like a Canon 17mm shift for example. For me, 20MP is average – you can have it on every consumer DSLR and even a handy.
    The real challenge seems to be the combination of maybe 50 or 75 MPs with higher ISO.