Watch a Face Change While Moving Light Position

We know lighting can change the overall mood and feel of images. It is also amazing just how much it can change the appearance of a person. In this teaser for Opale’s Sparkles and Wine music video, the cinematographer moves the light source rapidly around the face of the star, which causes her face to change as you watch it.

Lighting Comparison

You can see the full music video below, which was created real time without any kind of CGI or 3D post production. The effects seen in the video are all generated live in real time using a custom lighting system and kinectic optical feedback.

The effect was inspired by the unfinished French filmĀ L’Enfer, by Henri-Georges Clouzot from 1964. The stories of L’Enfer and Clouzot are quite interesting on their own.

For a further look at how lighting can change a person’s appearance, I give you Seinfeld: