Check out this Video of the Sony A77 II at 12fps

Want to know what 12fps sounds like on the new Sony A77 II? Check out the above video.

12fps is smoking fast for a mid-range prosumer camera. The fact that it offers AF tracking during the burst is even more impressive.

As a refresher, it features a 24.3MP APS-C sensor and comes in at $1200 USD for the body and $1800 USD for the kit. More details here from the A77 II announcement.

[via SAR]



  1. UG says

    Reminds me of the sound of my A57 shooting at 12 fps for twice the price! Sorry, I couldn’t resist… ;-)

  2. Oberoth says

    Why are people so resistant to mirror-less cameras? Stutters are just an accident waiting to happen. This shiny, new camera probably has a shutter unit that can endure approximately 150,000 releases, or less than 3.5 hours of use!!!

    Plus, if speed is king then just look at the new Nikon 1 J4, ok it has an 18.4mp sensor but can take 60 full frames per second, 5 times what Sony is boasting about.

  3. FrankE says

    Want to know what 12fps sounds like on the new Sony A77 II?

    EXACTLY the same as the first A77 does at 12fps! But… WHY would I want to consider upgrading to the MkII when I have the “MkI” 77 already with the 12fps? Sony should be thinking of a new firmware update for those with the first A77.

    The Nikon 1 J4 does 20 fps – not 60 – so not 5 times the rate… and it is a different camera type to the A77 – mark II or otherwise.

    • Oberoth says

      The Nikon 1 J4 supports high-speed continuous shooting at approximately 20fps with AF tracking, and up to 60fps when focus is locked.

    • Carlos Serra says

      My Nikon V1 does 10, 30 or 60fps on its “electronic Hi” burst mode even in Raw quality at 3872×2592 per frame! Thats why it does 4K video second by second!