Fuji X-E2 Gets the X-T1 EVF with Firmware Update ver. 2.00

Fuji X-E2 Front

Fuji has update the X-E2 firmware to version 2.00. The new firmware improves the X-E2 viewfinder performance to bring it on par the with popular X-T1 viewfinder. The EVF lag time has been reduced to just 0.005s. The firmware update also increases the frame rate of the viewfinder even in low light conditions.


Additional enhancements include selectable colors for focus peaking (adding red and blue options), more customizable options for the Fn and AE/AF buttons, as well as a suppressed flash mode to prevent the flash from firing even if the subject is poorly lit.

You can download the firmware update here on Fuji’s website.



  1. melvin laucke says

    what are the differences now between the XE2 firmware update and the X T 1

    • JeffP says

      The biggest difference between the 2 cameras is the wifi remote control and the larger evf with second window for focusing. Also the weather sealing is a big plus if you shoot outside a lot. I think the xt1 may also af faster.