PNY 256GB SDXC 90MB/s Card for $99.99 – Deal Alert


Tiger Direct has an exclusive deal on the new PNY Elite Performance 256GB SDXC 90MB/s cards for $99.99 for this first week of availability (compare to $159.99). The read speed of these cards is 90MB/s and the write speed is 60MB/s. Check them out here at Tiger Direct.



    • JPK says

      Le’ts put this comment into proper context.

      For a mere $900 (Lexar 256GB SDXC – listed in related link at the time of this posting) you can get the same size card that has a minimum read time of 60MB/x and a write time of “significantly slower” per Lexar in the Article.

      Suddenly that 90MB/s and 60MB/s read time at 1/9th of the price looks pretty darn good. And what exactly are you going to be using that has the ability to transfer data at a faster rate than the 60MB/s? The bottleneck is the camera’s ability to transfer data (20MB/s) to the card not the cards ability to record the data. If you can only transfer data at 1/3rd the speed the card can store it, it won’t matter how “slow’ – as you imply in your comment” the card can take it.

      Bottom line: PNY makes a good cards. The storage size is greater than several typical SSD hard drives that are several times larger in physical size. If you’re not going to use it for your camera equipment, it will make a great external hard drive for your computer. And at this price it is an incredible deal. Small wonder they are currently listed as “sold out’.