Canon UK Launches White “Storm Trooper” EOS 100D (aka Rebel SL1)

Canon EOS 100D White

Canon UK announced a white editing of the EOS 100D (known in the US as the Rebel SL1). As with other white DSLRs, the common nickname “Storm Trooper Edition” has been attached to the camera. 

There’s nothing new about the camera other than that it is white. It’s a trend that seems to be very popular outside the US; however, the various colored DSLRs never really seem to catch on in the US. The only real color trends that seem to matter for DSLR and mirrorless cameras is offering black and silver options.

I’m not sure what that says about the US (even though we love a white car), and I can’t say I feel anything for a white DSLR. However, show me a black or silver variation of Fuji and Olympus mirrorless cameras and I’ll raise an eyebrow.

The EOS 100D will be available in May for £499 for the body or £599 with the matching white kit lens.



  1. forkboy1965 says

    “storm trooper”? Brilliant bit of thinking there, Eric.

    I do know I’d be washing my hands a lot more if I owned a white-bodied camera.

  2. Todd says

    For me the color options look great until you put another lens on them. For example I was in a camera store last year and saw someone looking at a brown Nikon SLR. It looked rather nice and the I felt the color was tasteful. Then he tried it with another (standard) lens and it suddenly lost all of it’s appeal to me. That nice beautiful finish on the camera body only served to make this other very nice and very expensive lens look old, cheap and out of date on the camera. For me I would not want something that only looked good with the kit lens on it. And even if they made a whole bunch of lenses to match it I would not want to replace all my lenses just to match a new camera body color.