Tokina’s New ATX 11-16mm, 16-28mm and 50-135mm Cinema Lenses

Tokina Cinema Lens-11

Tokina had all of its new cinema lenses on display at NAB 2014. In addition to the ATX 11-16mm T3.0 and 16-38mm T3.0 lenses, Tokina also had is upcoming 50-135mm cinema lens on display.

Tokina Cinema Lens-2

The 50-135mm lens is quite the bear, as you can see the above image with it mounted on the Sony F3 cinema camera.

Tokina Cinema Lens-10

The lenses are substantially larger than their still lens counterparts. The larger barrels accommodate the geared focus, zoom and aperture rings with the signature long throw common in cinema lenses.

Tokina Cinema Lens

Tokina Cinema Lens-9

Tokina Cinema Lens-8

Tokina Cinema Lens-7

Tokina Cinema Lens-6

Tokina Cinema Lens-5

Tokina Cinema Lens-4

Tokina Cinema Lens-3