Redrock microRemote Rigged Up on the Movi

Redrock Micro Remote-7

Redrock Micro showed off how to rig up its microRemote follow focus for the Movi and other handheld electric gimbals at its NAB 2014 booth.

Redrock Micro Remote

The rig has a finger wheel that allows a single operator to pull focus while operating the Movi.

Redrock Micro Remote-4

It’s also allows you to power a 5D Mark III or 1D C with a dummy LP-E6 battery from the onboard microRemote LiPo battery. Additionally, the new power port allows you to control the start/stop record on the cameras.

Redrock Micro Remote-8

If you want to run a 2-person Movi, you can use the wireless remote to control focus with the microRemote.

Redrock Micro Remote-6

Redrock Micro Remote-3

Redrock Micro Remote-2

Redrock Micro Remote-5