G-Technology Unveils G-RAID Studio and G-SPEED Studio Thunderbolt 2 Drives

G-Tech G-RAID Studio and G-SPEED Studio-6

At NAB 2014, G-Technology announced a new pro line of Thunderbolt 2 storage solutions – The G-RAID Studio and the G-SPEED Studio.

G-Tech G-RAID Studio and G-SPEED Studio-3

The G-RAID Studio is a dual drive unit that can be configured in RAID 0, RAID 1 or JBOD with capacities of 6TB, 8TB and 12TB available. The 12TB capacity takes advantage of the latest enterprise class 7200RPM, 6TB 3.5″ spinning hard drives. Using the Thunderbolt 2 technology, the G-RAID Studio delivers transfer rates up to 360MB/s in RAID 0 configuration. It retails for $1,299.95 for 12TB, $849.95 for 8TB and $699.95 for 6TB.

G-Tech G-RAID Studio and G-SPEED Studio-2

The G-SPEED Studio is the larger 4-bay unit, which is available in capacities from 12TB up to 24TB and can be configured in RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10. The G-SPEED can deliver transfer speeds up to 660MB/s in RAID 0. The G-SPEED Studio retails for $3,599.95 for 24TB, $2,699.95 for 16TB and $2,199.95 for 12TB.

G-Tech G-RAID Studio and G-SPEED Studio-8

Both units feature dual Thunderbolt 2 ports for daisy-chaining drives and other Thunderbolt devices together. Additionally, a Kensington lock port allows you to secure the drives to your desk or workstation to help prevent them from walking away when you aren’t around.

G-Tech G-RAID Studio and G-SPEED Studio-7

Both units should start shipping in May. We’ll pass along more details on availability as soon as we learn more.