Canon EOS M3 Rumored for Later This Year

Canon EOS M2

Canon EOS M2

TheĀ Canon’s EOS M remains the only mirrorless camera available for Canon’s US customers even though the EOS M2 was released in December 2013 for Japan and China. That may change, however, if rumors of the EOS M3, due later this year, turn out to be true.

Recent rumors suggest that Canon will launch an entry-level model and a more advanced prosumer model in the third quarter of this year. This should put the EOS M3 in play for Photokina in September.

Given the lack of the big camera announcements from the likes of Canon and Nikon early this year, Photokina 2014 could turn out to be a very big deal. Stay tuned for more news on the EOS M line as we approach Photokina.

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  1. says

    wtf is wrong with Canon? what the hack is this crap? where’s catching up, where’s innovation, where’s revolution, where’s something worth anything?

  2. forkboy1965 says

    I kinda share Ruphotographer’s sentiments… I wonder if Canon is waiting to see what becomes of the mirrorless market in the States?

    I personally haven’t found myself captivated by it all all. A smaller form factor isn’t something I’m looking for in an interchangeable lens system camera. But that’s just me. Perhaps there is a big market to be developed from this route in technology.

  3. John Hine says

    I bought the M at the end of last year along with the 22mm and 18-55mm lenses. I loved the M as it gave by far the best image quality I have ever had from a truly portable camera. Both stills and video were brilliant. The only camera I have met that might just beat the M is my friend’s 6D. I took M body plus 18-55 it to Australia when I went to visit my son in February. He loved the M, too, and before leaving I gave it to him. He has been using it almost every day since. So I am back with my big, heavy 550D. The 22mm M lens is waiting for the M3 to appear. All the M needed was a viewfinder. If the M3 has a good EVF I shall certainly buy it.

  4. Emmanuel says

    Personally I think it’s best to slow down a bit and I welcome it with open arms!
    When you’ve saved enough to buy what you thought was the very latest model of your favourite brand only to find out that it has already been replaced, well it leaves a sour taste in your mouth!!!

    It’s ridiculous the speed at which manufacturers replaces their current line. You don’t get the chance to fully know your current camera inside out before it is being replaced. What’s the point of all this madness; we can’t keep it up!
    In recent years especially with the lokes of Canon & Nikon the next model upgrade has been so insignificant. Canon 500D, 550D, 600D,650D and now 700D same cameras with only minor changes. Same story goes for Nikon D3000, D3001, D3002 and D3003 a few improvements here and there but nothing that is worth all the hype behind each releases!
    I embrace technology but I wished that Camera manufacturers would give us the chance to appreciate what we have now and not what the next model could be like. Just something I wanted to point out!

  5. Jeff Kindrick says

    I agree with John re a good EVF. I have zero interest in a camera that needs to be held at arms length; it is difficult to frame a shot and steady the camera and my arthritis makes it physically stressful. I use the articulated LCD s on my Canons for shooting high or low when options are limited, with a tripod for landscape, long exposure or posed group shots and for reviewing photos already taken (which I’m convinced is what they were originally meant for). Ninety-five percent of the time they are folded face first into the camera back to protect the screen from damage. It’s bad enough using my iPhone like that when I don’t have time to grab a real camera.