Canon CINE-SERVO 17-120mm T2.9 Zoom Lens Hands-On

Canon CINE-SERVO Zoom Lens-2

Canon has its new 17-120mm T2.9 cinema servo lens on display at NAB 2014. The lens is available in EF or PL mount options, and here it is mounted on a Sony F55

Canon CINE-SERVO Zoom Lens-5

The handgrip can be removed from the lens for use in a more cinema production environment.

Canon CINE-SERVO Zoom Lens

The lens includes 12-pin serial communication and Cooke’s /i Technology for PL mount cameras.

Canon CINE-SERVO Zoom Lens-4

Attaching the handgrip unit does not require manual adjustment of the focus, zoom, and iris gears on the lens.

Canon CINE-SERVO Zoom Lens-3

It’s a major hunk of glass with a $33,000 price tag intended for high-end productions. You can see the original press release info here.



  1. JJ Abramson says

    I like the cool color balance of the pics. Makes it look it was shot on the bridge of the Enterprise. Just need some lens flare to finish it off.