Atomos Shogun 4K HDMI (and 12G-SDI) Monitor/Recorder is a Perfect Match for Sony A7s

Atomos Shogun

Sony’s new A7s is a 4K-capable camera; however, it must send 4K video to an external recorder in order to actually record 4K video. Otherwise, it captures 50MB/s XAVC S video to onboard memory cards.

Atomos Shogun-6

The Atomos Shogun is the first recorder with the ability to captures 4K video from the Sony A7s HDMI output. It captures 4K ProRes, Avid DNxHD or CinemaDNG Raw video over HDMI or 12G-SDI to a single SSDs or RAIDed HDDs. Additionally, it captures up to 4K 120fps video if the camera is capable of outputting the signal.

Atomos Shogun-7

The Shogun features a built-in 1920×1080 SuperAtom IPS 7″ touchscreen at 325 PPI and  a 179-degree viewing angle. The Shogun also delivers on audio with a breakout cable that offers phantom powered XLR audio inputs and balanced outputs. There several tools built in for serious control with waveform, vectorscope, zebras, false color and more.

Atomos Shogun-4

The Atomos Shogun is slated for shipping end of Q3/beginning Q4 2014 for under $2000. The Atomos Shogun should be available for pre-order soon here at B&H Photo.

Atomos Shogun-2