Watch the Sony A7s Sample Video in 4K

Sony has posted sample footage from the new A7s on YouTube in full 4K resolution. Not that many people have a monitor to view it in full 4K resolution, but it’s there nonetheless. Of course, you can still get a great impression of the camera from the full HD version.



  1. David Forrester says

    Unbelievable!! Incredible! Contrast, latitude, color, resolution, sharpness – it is all there! Why would we really need the F5 when this is just about as good. And smaller too! Of course you need an external recorder, but really, this is simply astounding. OK, maybe the audio might have issues – not sure, but the film quality is simply gorgeous – and from a DSLR. Suddenly my Canon 5DMk2 is really obsolete now!! And my Sony FS100 is also past it’s prime. That is technology for you. Sony – you did well. congrats are in order. I want that camera!!

  2. Chris Wendt says

    Very nice…actually beautiful. Except for the fact that all the video footage was shot on a tripod, and not a single segment was shot hand-held or with the camera in motion (no panning, walking, etc.).

  3. says

    Very nice, but having looked at the incredible Panasonic GH4`s 4k video and seeing it hand held also as tripod stabilized, i have to say i find the Panny`s video better, however, not a bad try from Sony, well done all round to them.