Fuji X-Pro2 Rumored to Feature Full Frame Sensor

Fuji X-Pro1-3

Fuji X-Pro1 with 18mm f/2 Lens

To date, all Fujifilm X-series mirrorless cameras have featured an APS-C sensor, including the flagship X-Pro1. However, that trend may change once the X-Pro2 is released. 

New rumors suggest that the X-Pro2 will sport a full frame sensor. Of course, this will also affect the lens line up because the current XF lenses likely don’t cover the full frame sensor size.

Accordingly, Fuji will have to launch new full frame lenses along with the X-Pro2. Initial rumors cite that 3-5 new full frame lenses will be launched alongside the X-Pro2, which could arrive as early as Photokina 2014.

[via Fuji Rumors]



  1. iggy says

    Not a long ago, someone from Fuji said there’s no plan on any X-series full frame camera in order to avoid X-series-apsc-owner to be mad of Fuji… I would, indeed… but as I don’t own anything yet from Fuji, if they ever made any kind of full-frame XT-2, it would definitely be mine, soon or late. fingers crossed ;)

  2. sjms says

    I would say with the history of their lens development that could/would be problematic. unless they intend to totally redesign. the mount and lenses. you know something to do on your weekend off.

  3. forkboy1965 says

    Wow. That would certainly be a step up in many performance areas. And the current model does take some beautiful images from what I’ve seen around the Internet.

  4. says

    Never mind being a Leica killer, a FF x-pro2 would be a DSLR killer!! My Canon never sees the light of day since I got my X-Pro1. Lenses match or exceed Canon ‘L’ series quality. IMHO the sensor already beats some FF kit out there. With the intro of the 10-24mm lens, the range only needs to get the proposed super-telephoto glass to complete as wide a range as most people would want. JPEGS out-of-camera are stunning, although I would prefer not to have to accept a film simulation – even Standard is Provia. There is a resultant colour shift compared to the RAW files which are spot on colour-wise.

  5. Ashley Groome says

    For those of us who have just ponied up a lot of money on lenses, the news that Fuji might be going full frame with the higher end X cameras, comes as a real kick in the nads. Still, its only a rumor at this stage.

  6. braddy55 says

    Couldn’t agree more Ashley. The road map for X mount lenses doesn’t suggest that Fuji are going to go FF any time soon.

  7. dick ranez says

    OK, new format, new lenses, what’s the big deal. Fuji now has a nearly full line of X-pro
    lenses in what, two years? The basic optical designs are done, the electronics are done,
    now you’re just talking size – and yes, size matters. A full frame Fuji would be a winner,
    especially since Fuji could do it for a third of Leica’s prices. Figure $3000 for a body,
    a $1000-1500 each for a couple of lenses and you could have a nice kit for less than the price of a M body. Throw in an M mount adapter and you’d have the Lexus of the photography
    world and a bunch of very worried Germans.

    • Ashley Groome says

      Having just shanked up the thick end of three grand for a couple of (very nice) Zeiss AF lenses, I sure hope that I will be able to use them with the new FF camera. If not, the camera and lenses will go on sale and I’ll forget Fuji for the time being. Its not an ideological thing – I just don’t like buying products from manufacturers who are happy to jerk me around for the sake of chasing a niche market. Personally I really don’t give a shit if Fuji are trying to compete with Leica and quite frankly I’m not interested if Leica are nervous or not.

  8. BRIAN MC GARRY says


    GO buy a nice bottle of wine and some good cheese to go with it , share with a friend . Then think about your reasoning .