April Fools’ Day Photography News Roundup

Canon EOS 1D W (Wildlife Edition) via The Digital Picture

Canon EOS 1D W (Wildlife Edition) via The Digital Picture

Every year someone, somewhere gets me with an April Fools Day prank. As a result, I try not to post any news or rumors that don’t come from official sources.

Of course, some of the ideas out there are pretty funny even if they do pull one over on me. I’ll be updating this post throughout the day as new pranks roll in. If you see a good one, be sure to let me know about it.

1. You can see the EOS 1D W Wildlife Edition DSLR from The Digital Picture above. Also in the mix was the 200-600mm f/4L W IS Wildlife Edition lens. Both featured “Realtree Outdoors” camouflage.

2. A weird study about cat photos from The Phoblographer.

3. Google+ adds and Auto Awesome feature your photos that automatically add David Hasselhoff photobombs to your images uploaded to Google+. (I have to confess that I checked my Google+ photos to see if they actually took the prank to the next level.) [Update: It really works. I just got a notification from G+ and sure enough, the Hoff is photobombing my pic.]

4. The Gmail Shelfie lets you share your selfie to be used as a Gmail theme.

5. The Selfiebot can be seen in the below video.


6. The Bigfoot Tripod is a 15′ tripod from CustomSLR. (This one almost got me. Thanks CustomSLR.)


See the video below.

Olympus OM-D OMG from DPReview.

Olympus OM-D OMG from DPReview.

7. DPReview announces the new Olympus OM-D “OM-G”.

8. Sigma acquires Samyang to create Sigma Classic Lenses from The Digital Picture.


Apparently, this was so poorly received (and elsewhere reported as fact) that it was pulled entirely the source sites.

9. Photographer Jerad Hill announces Brodoir, boudoir mini sessions for him.


I love it!



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    Hahaha the Bigfoot almost got me too but my favorite is the Selfiebot. In fact, I just shared the video on my Facebook wall, hey, there’s no deadline for April Fool’s Day jokes haha!