Ortery’s Photobench Delivers Perfectly Isolated-on-White Photos


Have you ever tried shooting product images isolated on white backgrounds? Building a set from scratch can be challenging, and unless you nail everything just right, it can be quite frustrating. Minor exposure imperfections can lead to a ton of time in Photoshop trying to correct your failures.

Enter the Ortery Photobench.

Ortery makes several Photobench models for a variety of shooting scenarios. The system includes a custom software package for post production and camera control fine tuning so that your product shots come out just right.


The Photobench systems are compatible with Canon and Nikon DSLRs. And once you have performed an initial setup for your product’s exposure, the output and transition between product shots can move very quickly.


Photobench models use high CRI LED lighting for consistent results across shots and fine tuned white balance. You can create 360° product views using 24 frames in less than 3 minutes per product. If you’ve ever wondered how websites create those zoomable and rotating image views of their products, this is likely the answer.


The Photobench software allows you to create PNG files of you product shots and even lay them on a different background before exporting them out. There is a built-in turntable to quickly rotate for different angles of the product shots.


Some of the higher end units even allow you to create 3D models of objects, which can, in turn, be replicated on a 3D printer or used as 3D assets in other imaging programs.


If you get a lot of commercial work for product photography, the great thing about the Ortery Photobench is that it is really a low-IQ user operation. Once you have the product set up, training a non-photographer to use the system isn’t much of a problem.

Ortery Photobench models start around $7500 and go up to $12000+. You can find several here at B&H Photo. Additional info on Ortery Photobench products can be found here on Ortery’s website.