Canon EOS 3D Rumors Resurface

Canon EOS 3D Rumors

New rumors suggest a Canon EOS 3D will launch later this year as a “bigger brother” to the Canon 5D Mark III. The key improvements over the 5D Mark III would be a much higher resolution sensor and 4K video options. Of course, the price would also be higher than the 5D Mark III as well.

Could this be the 75MP+ Canon DSLR that we heard about last year? Additionally, the next Canon 1-Series camera was rumored to be in the 47MP range.

The Canon EOS 3D rumors have been floating around for years, so take this rumor with a heavy grain of salt. If Canon changes up the branding of its DSLRs and drops the “D”, then I wouldn’t feel so weird about a new EOS 3 being released. As the rumors go, the Canon 3D is just an awkward name that is sure to cause some confusion thanks to the recent surge in 3D technology segments. Thankfully, 3D cinema is on the decline; however, the timing would still be tough to release a camera called the “3D” that has a heavy set of cinema camera features.

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  1. Mr Kotku says

    75MP. Why? They have no lenses that can resolve that high. I don’t think anyone has one even the Otus.

  2. znajait says

    4K video a must but for still photo, 75Mpix res via 35mm frame size and current lenses probably only a marketing stunt

    As I keep insisting the dynamic range is far more critical when it comes to 80% shots Vs studio controlled lighting. Off course, if you can control light as in any studio, resolution is the bees knees. Unfortunately, most 5DX uses are average users that try to do a shot in mid-day that should have been done in the early morning or golden hr. For folks like us , the mid-budget guys, shy to tell wife’s or husband how much we spend and using L series lens, we want the best. No studio in nature other than nature and hard earned money

    Canon do your thing better than ever before and provide a state of the art product that can shine for next 2-3 years as all lights finally fade away in time

  3. says

    I love doing motorcycle race photography. I use a 5D MKII with great results. Unfortunately, the cost of ” L ” lenses needed especially if I wanted to upgrade to a higher resolution camera, border on the cost of a nice bike. I wish Canon would concentrate on noise, and frame rate ( I realize they may be mutually exclusive) and possibly placing camera guts inside some of the largest lenses.
    For now; I will choose to ride rather than upgrade. Look for my images of the Ulster Gran Prix. later this summer, I may even include some landscape images.

  4. forkboy1965 says

    Preach on, Brother Bloch. I’d like to see more improvement on noise. It’s really the only area I feel modern dSLRs should be focusing since they have so many of the other basics covered so well.

  5. Sonny W says

    It seems to me since there would be so much confusion with the other meanings of “3d” in the digital video markets AND since this rumored full-frame camera is to fall somewhere between the 5d and the 1d – as far as features and price goes – that it is just as likely, and less if not at all problematic, that this new camera will be called the 4D. The “4” in the Canon EOS 4D then could also relate to the 4K video shooting capability – as a marketing strategy. That is, since the number 4 is between 1 (Canon EOS 1DX) and 5 (Canon EOS 5D Mark III) as far as naming conventions go … and basic counting : ) By the way, there’s also a possible “2D” name as well, but that would seem to put it too close to the Canon EOS 1D name and therefore a similar number of features and pricing. And there is no reason to think that Canon would only want the first number in the name to be an odd number in their naming conventions, otherwise there would never have been a Canon EOS 60D nor the recent 6d..