Nikon Lens Instant Rebates Expire This Week

Nikon Lens Rebates

Nikon’s current instant rebate deals on many of its lenses end this week on Saturday, March 29. The instant rebates offer up to $400 off single lenses and are not required to be bundled with a DSLR in order to get the deals. You can see all of the lens instant rebates here at B&H Photo.

Nikon DSLR and Lens Instant Rebates

Additionally, there are also Nikon DSLR and lens bundles that have instant rebates and are also set to expire on March 29. All Nikon DSLRs (except the new D4s and D3300) are included in the deals. You can see the Nikon DSLR and lens combo instant rebates here at B&H Photo.