Samsung NX mini Features 1″ Sensor and Compact Size

 Samsun NX mini

The Samsung NX mini is the first mirrorless camera from Samsung to deviate from the APS-C format sensor and features a 20.5MP 1″ BSI CMOS sensor. As such, the NX mini looks like a direct competitor to the Nikon 1 series, which features the same sensor format.

Samsun NX mini top

As you can see from the product images, the NX mini has a very compact design with a body that is less than 1″ thick. However, it still has room to provide a 3″ touchscreen LCD that flips up 180° so that it is viewable from the front side of the camera.

Samsun NX mini LCD

The NX mini is touted as a SMART camera with WiFi and NFC connectivity. The camera includes a new NX-M mount kit lens at 9-27mm (24.3-72.9mm equivalent) and is compatible with other NX lenses thanks to an adapter for the new mount. The NX mini covers a sensitivity range of ISO 100-25,600 (w/ expansion) and captures 1080/30p video.

Samsun NX mini back

The NX mini comes packaged with a full version of Adobe Lightroom 5 and uses MicroSD cards for its media storage. The camera with the 9-27mm kit lens and SEF-7A detachable flash retails for $549. The NX mini is also available with a new 9mm f/3.5 kit lens for $449. It will ship in early April. Check availability here at B&H Photo.

Samsun NX mini 9mm Prime

The 9mm and 9-27mm NX-M lenses will retail for $179 and $279, respectively. A 17mm F/1.8 OIS NX-M lens will be available at a later date.

Samsun NX mini side



  1. Wally in Austin says

    1 inch sensor and half the cost of a Nikon 1 V3. Sounds like a nikon killer to me. From a V1 user. What was Nikon thinking!

  2. Emmanuel says

    Except for the same sensor size this NX mini cannot be compared to the Nikon V3 or V2 for that matter. They are two different type of camera in terms of usability. The Nikon feels more like a small DSLR and having the lens & viewfinder in the centre is in my opinion a big plus. The NX mini has no viewfinder and looks more like a Sony NEX.