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  1. Brian
    Mar 17 - 10:35 am

    As someone who works in motion graphics and video production professionally, it’s truly a troubling state of affairs. I was left to start freelancing in a tough market, expanding my “job description”, under bidding on projects, and now taking some projects on my own. The full time work when I was an employee was totaling 60+ hours a week with no additional compensation or benefits, and the work/life balance was destroying me mentally and physically – especially after totaling commute times (easily over 70+ hours a week). The video industry is tough to begin with, and now competing for projects where you can earn the hourly wages of fast food workers is no way to make a full time career or living. I’m hoping by focusing more on the corporate side of things I can continue to work in the post-production industry that is my passion. If not, I will be changing careers at a late stage in my life or truly becoming a struggling artist and crossing my fingers on that lottery ticket.

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