Canon 7D Mark II Sticking with CF Cards + SD Card Slot

Canon 7D Mark II Rumors

More rumors about an upcoming Canon 7D Mark II continue to trickle in. Still nothing solid on an announcement date; however, there are several new spec rumors.

The 7D Mark II is rumored to have a new hybrid viewfinder; however, we don’t know exactly what kind of hybrid we’re talking about. Additionally, the resolution will be in the 25MP range, which conforms with previous rumors of a 24.1MP sensor.

For those who loath the slower SD cards, the 7D Mark II is rumored to retain a CF card slot in addition to a SD card slot. I don’t know what Canon is waiting on with the CFast format, but the CF slot is certainly better than moving completely to SD cards. Hopefully, the SD card won’t cripple the 7D Mark II the way it did the 5D Mark III.¬†Finally, the 7D Mark II is rumored to have more software features than any other Canon DSLR to date.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more on the 7D Mark II.

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  1. Alex says

    I had a 7D and was never happy with the quality of images, too soft for me. It was sent in for service twice to no avail. I’ve since sold all my Canon gear and have never looked back.

  2. says

    I had the same experience with same amount of services as Alex on the 7D; however, got a 5D Mark III and have never looked back.

    After trying the 70D few months ago, I realize the issue may be due to the combo of the 19 point AF system that is not as fine tuned as the 5D Mark III’s 61 point AF system. Nothing to do with the extra AF points but the design of the individual AF point that makes the 7D/70D somehow just a bit off. I had better IQ result on my T2i which has the same sensor as the 7D.

    If the new 7D Mark II have a new Dual Pixel sensor with 1DX AF tracking & metering system (yes 1DX not 5D Mark III), dual memory card & Wi-Fi…. It should fix the problem and I will have no problem buying it as a backup/nature camera even if it cost as much as a 6D.