Mobile Cloth is a Magical Fingerprint Remover for Phones, Tablets and Lenses

Mobile Cloth-2

Every year at CES I am overwhelmed with the sheer volume of mobile accessories. I am still completely amazed that so many iPhone case manufacturers can be in business at one time. It’s nuts!

As a result, I generally shy away from run-of-the-mill phone and tablet accessories. I just don’t care. But this is another story.

Mobile Cloth

When the guys at International Supplies asked me if I had seen their Mobile Cloth, I started my eye roll. I’ve got a ton of screen and lens cleaning cloths. They just aren’t special and I don’t need another.

I decided to call their bluff. My iPhone was plenty smudged from a week at CES and I figured it would give me the same rub-the-smudge-for-a-minute-or-two and it’ll be mostly clean.

I took their Mobile Cloth and a couple of wipes and it was completely clean. I couldn’t believe just how well this thing worked.

According to the product description, the Mobile Cloth “is made of a unique high tech split micro-material consisting of fibers 100 times thinner than a human hair! It is woven into a special pattern which we call “nubs”. Each nub acts like hundreds of tiny suction cups to pull fingerprints smudges, and germs away from the surface of your device and into the cloth with one or two swipes. No water or cleaning solution is needed.”

Here’s their promo video:

They also make a lens cleaning version, which I didn’t get to check out. But you can order the Mobile Cloth for phones and tablets, as well as the lens cleaning version, over at B&H also stocks them here.



  1. Robin J Smith says


    I’m from the UK and ordered a 7-pack of lens cloths from the website linked to, which advertises worldwide shipping.

    The shipping cost to the UK more than doubled the cost of the cloths , from a reasonable $17.99 to a total of $37.43. BEWARE!

    The site offers a facility to check (before buying) shipping costs to the US only. There is free shipping to the US for orders over $20.00 but this means you have to buy two items, as the most expensive is less than $20.