Think Tank Photo Releases New Modular Pixel Pocket Rocket, App House 8 and App House 10


Think Tank Photo has released a new belt-mounted memory card holder, the Modular Pixel Pocket Rocket, and a pair of new tablet bags, the App House 8 and App House 10.

The Modular PPR is secured by a sturdy hook-and-loop panel to any Think Tank Photo modular belt or to any belt.  It holds six CF cards and three SD cards, as well as other small accessories, such as a smart phone or lens cloth. The Modular PPR runs $22.75. Check it out here at Think Tank Photo.


The App House 8 and the App House 10 are two hybrid bags for quick access to a small or standard-size Apple tablets and can be used either as shoulder bags or mounted on belts.Key features include: Dedicated pockets for carrying a smart phone, device accessories, plus other small items; a dedicated, easily accessible smart phone pocket with soft liner; and an internal organizer with elastic and zippered pockets for connection cables, card readers, power cables, portable charger, pens, or other personal items.


The App House 8 runs $44.75 and the App House 10 runs $54.75.



  1. forkboy1965 says

    A belt-mounted memory card holder? I’m guessing pockets are just too simple?

    That said, the App Houses seem handy. And the last camera bag I purchased, a Think Tank Suburban 20(?), is very nice. Of course, I’m guessing loads of the target demographic for these bags may have something larger than in-ear buds for listening purposes.