RED Epic Dragon Dethrones the Nikon D800E as Top Sensor in DxO Mark Tests

Red Dragon Upgrade

The 36MP full frame Nikon D800E has been the top dog sensor according to DxO Mark since the camera was first tested back in February 2012. That is, until DxO Mark put the new 6K RED Epic Dragon sensor to the test. The 19MP APS-H sized sensor from the Epic Dragon was the first to break the 100-point barrier on the DxO Mark score.

DxO Mark RED Epic Dragon Test

The D800E had previously scored 95; however, the RED Epic Dragon delivered a 101 overall score. Additionally, the Epic Dragon took first place in both dynamic range and color depth. However, it was a little ways down the list in 10th place for low-light performance.

DxO Mark RED Epic Dragon Test 2

This comparison is cool and all, but remember we are comparing a $30k cinema camera to a $3k DSLR. I don’t think there is going to much concern for Nikon D800E shooters running out to buy an Epic Dragon as their workhorse camera.

You can read the full test over at DxO Mark.