Feature Request: “Favorite Projects List” on Welcome Screen in Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro Welcome Screen

Every now and then I have a good idea – or at least one that I think is good. Adobe is one of those companies that lets you take your “good ideas” straight to the product teams with a publicly available Feature Request Form.

I probably spend more time in Premiere Pro (the new Creative Cloud version) these days than any other Adobe application, with Lightroom, Media Encoder and Photoshop being next in the list. Premiere Pro is one application that has a truly useful Welcome screen; however, I think it could be better.

I work with a number of projects on a daily basis and this feature request just smacked me in the face last week as I was repeated digging for project templates I access frequently (…but not so frequently that they stay in Recent Projects list).

Here’s the request I sent to Adobe:

Allow a list of “Favorite” or “Editor’s Picks” projects at the Premiere Pro Welcome screen. Maybe 5-10 projects that I can select to show on the Welcome screen. The recent projects is great; however, often times a template project that I need is not in the list and I have to go file diving for it via the “open…” dialog.

I’ve got half a dozen or so project templates that I access frequently and would love to have as permanent placements on the startup screen. Then it would be one click and I’m working.

As a further extension of such a feature, I would like to see an “Open as…” feature on the Favorite Projects List. It would work by creating a new project from the template as I opened it from the Favorites list.

My workflow now is to open a template and choose “Save as…” then start working on the new project from the template. There have been many times when I have opened a template and forgot to “Save as…” when I start and then hit Command+S by habit along the way and I jack up my template.

If I could “Open as…” and be required to input a filename from the start, then the problem of overwriting my templates would be solved as well.

I’m curious what other Premiere Pro users think about this feature request. Do you keep your Welcome screen turned on? Do you have a better way to access recent and template projects?